This About isn’t about me (see “Bio” for that) nor about the recently published novel, The Mechanic of San Martín, it’s about this Website, the intent of it.  This is the less anecdotal version of what was in Welcome to The Written Angus.

Putting words on paper, to create a novel, a play or a poem, is only two-thirds of the creative act:  the conception and the articulation.  To complete the act, the creator must understand the impact on the audience.  A musician playing to an empty hall can have everything but the energy derived from confronting an audience, which is what puts life into the music.  A performance in a recording studio is a reproduction of a live event, a recollection.  Great musicians-a Yo Yo Ma or Itzhak Perlman-may carry around the sense of audience in their mind, but that is a rare gift.  Mere mortals need feedback.

I’m using the Internet to get that feedback.

Rock and Roll veteran Lou Reed is quoted in THE NEW YORK TIMES, on the topic of landing a recording contract:  ”You have the Internet - what do you need [a contract] for?”  Daniel Lanois, who has produced U2 and Bob Dylan and is also a guitarist and songwriter, said at the same festival, South by Southwest, “We can record something at night, put it on the site for breakfast and have the money in the PayPal account by 5.   . . . It’s nice to see that technology has opened the doors to everybody.”

Like musicians, writers need to sell-at least to a library-to be heard.  To say it isn’t about the money is a half truth, but it isn’t only about money.  Writers write because they have a passion, a need to.  The need includes a need to be read.

This Website, then, is about exposing my writing to you (and visa versa), with the hope that you’ll become interested in it and add it to your library, both my first novel, The Mechanic of San Martín, and the novels that will follow.  (To read a short description of TMSM and a couple of sample chapters, go to my publisher’s Website at